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About Us

Esenion © company has been operating on the market since 2011. From the very beginning, we have specialized exclusively in the purchase of raw hair and have gradually learned to process this hair into products that we believe are the best in the world. Since the founding of our company, the volume of processed and supplied hair has been growing dynamically. This allows us to constantly expand and improve our offer. We add new fashion shades and include new, better, attractive and innovative products and production processes. These include, for example, the Central European NanoTape which we offer exclusively as the only one on the EU market. It is our own product and we sort and process the hair material by hand maintaining the highest possible quality.

We process and supply the highest quality human hair originating only from Europe and we divide this European hair into two categories, namely Central European Virgin and Dyed. They differ only in their structure, not in quality. All hair goods are of top quality which we guarantee. Central European hair is carefully selected braid by braid for you. These hairs are suitable for the production of wigsClip In hair, but they are mostly used for hair extensions by various methods such as keratin, hair tapes or cold keratin using an ultrasonic device.

We also offer the possibility of producing new collections and products such as hairpieces, wigs, toupees, hair tapes or any other hair product systems designed for hair extensions or thickening. We can make anything from hair in any size, weight or shade. We pride ourselves in offering products from undyed or virgin Central European hair. We offer these as the only ones in the world. These virgin, never chemically processed hair nanotape are our unique product and they are not available anywhere else.

We produce products from our own hair for:


(a) hairdressers

b) shops and e-shops operators

c) wig-weavers

d) make-up artists

e) theatres and television


(a) seeking hair extensions

b) seeking hair thickening

c) seeking quality wigs and other hair replacements

From the very beginning, we have focused on a quality product starting with selecting the quality of hair and finishing with the best possible way of processing them – from creating of individual strands to high quality hand knotted wigs and other hair replacements.

We offer our partners the possibility of profitable cooperation. We are building a network of partner salons with guaranteed hair quality as well as guaranteed services and materials. The mission of this project is to offer products and services at the highest level where customers really feel the difference and therefore are happy to return.

We can satisfy even the most demanding clients which has been confirmed through our successful cooperation with renowned hairdressers in Europe. Today, Esenion © is a leading supplier of Central European hair in the EU.