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Custom Production

We offer you a custom production from Central European hair. Central European hair come directly from our purchase, by this it is guaranteed, that we receive only really quality and healthy hair, which we then process it ourselves.

Custom production is intended for customers who did not choose from our selection, which we have prepared for immediate delivery, or for customers who want their product to be tailored. That is the most important with wigs and hair integrations. Few can fit a wig sewn in universal sizes. Our hair pinners have long-term experiences and can made truly beautiful and quality wigs from real human hair, even to the point that wig will completely copy your appearance before hair loss. Other then wigs, we are ready to manufacture any type of hair product of your taste. Alternatively, you can also send your note by e-mail to . We will gladly make you CLIP IN hair from quality Central European hair or any other hairpiece – clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytail, hair toupee, hair extensions or hair tufts.

Our offer:

  • CLIP IN - Central European hair – hair on clips to thicken, possibly for extension, from real Central European hair.

  • CLIP IN - Eastern European hair – we will manufacture you a CLIP IN from Eastern European premium quality hair as well.

  • CLIP IN ombré - clip in with beautiful and fashionable ombré of your choice.

  • CLIP IN bangs - bangs on pin for those, who want bangs just sometimes.

  • FLIP IN - hair on rubber band from quality Central European or Eastern European hair.

  • THICKENING EXTENSION – an extension for volume addition.

  • WIG - we manufacture wigs from real human hair, so they fit perfectly and you feel great.

  • HALF WIG - for a coverage of hairless places, like bald spot on the scalp.


  • CUSTOM PONYTAIL COLOURING - we will colour you any type of Central European (solely) hair, raw ponytails, hairpieces and so on, according to your wishes. We use a gentle colouring technology with the help of Tec Italy colours.

The process:

  1. You fill out a form down below and specify exactly what do you imagine.

  2. We receive a requirement, prepare a proposal for you and a calculation, an we will send them to you for a confirmation.

  3. After the confirmation, we send out instructions for measurements – we are also going to explain everything.

  4. From there on, the chosen hair for manufacturing is given to the hair pinning workroom ProfiBeauty.

  5. The product with all documentation is finished within one week (raw ponytail before, in the midst of manufacturing, finished product).