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Italian Keratin - Granulate

  • Brand: ESENION
  • Product Code: Keratin
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Italian keratin is the most reliable and strongest connecting material.

This keratin is very easy and reliable to work with, for the time at least 4 months. Its removal is also very easy, it is done classically with the help of keratin bonds remover pliers. Reapplication of hair strands is not difficult.

The high durability of Italian keratin prevents hair from brushing out of hair bonds and falling strands, that is how errors are eliminated in use.


- service life of the joint 6 - 9 months (we recommend a shift within 3 months at the latest)

- 3mm hair bonds can be made with a guarantee of keratin strength

- melting temperature 200 ° C - 220 ° C is the hot melting temperature of keratin

- possible hair extension with the help of cold keratin - UltraSonic method

Variants: 100g, 500g, 1000g

Attention - this is a real Italian keratin Made in Italy, for possible inspections in your salon, we are also able to supply valid health certificates about sales within the EU.

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