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We sell only 100% human hair of all qualities that are available on the market. We have the widest range of hair on the Czech market with guaranteed quality. Verified by TOP hairdressers. Our e-shop offers a gem among hair extensions - Central European Hair.

Yes, we offer a guarantee for our exclusive line of Eastern European and Central European hair against tangles, thus guaranteeing the high quality of this natural human hair.

The application of hair strands of any technique is completely harmless to health and does not burden the hair itself in any way if the rules of extension are observed and if you entrust yourself to the hands of professionals. We cannot expect the same results for non-professional services. You own hair may suffer when removing the extended hair or may be burned during application if the correct density of the hair itself is not chosen so that the hair extension strand holds firmly without slipping. Short and simple - if you want your hair to look perfect, entrust yourself only to professionals.

Yes, women with fine hair can afford to extend their hair as well. Of course, it also depends on how fine your hair is. You need to have enough hair to cover the strands at the attachment points. It is ideal to use Central European hair which is very fine and has the most natural character.

CLIP IN hair is very easy to attach and does not take more than 5 minutes to apply. Instructions and the correct procedure for applying the CLIP IN extension strands can be found here: pridam samxxxxx

The hair must be at least 7 cm long so that the keratin connections are not visible and can be covered with the upper hair.

At least 50 hair strands are needed but it also depends on the density of your own hair and the choice of hair extensions type. Always check the weight of the strands. Read more about the correct choice of hair here.

You don't have to - hair previously purchased is used when moving up the hair. When using the keratin method, the hair is shortened a bit with each movement due to the cutting off the old keratin attachment. To maintain the length of extended hair, it is therefore good to buy several strands for the lower row of hair. It also depends on the durability of the hair. Some of them last longer than other. For hair of the European type, replacement is usually expected after one move up. If you choose to extend your hair through a hairtape, then the length does not shorten during replication. All you have to do is peel off the old tape and replace it with a new one.

No, removing of the hair extensions should definitely not be painful. If your removal hurt, then the hairdresser did not do it right! Be careful because a harsh technique can pull out a lot of hair and damage your own hair altogether. Therefore the most important factor is the correct procedure, the right technology and, of course, the necessary tools and accessories.

It's like asking if I should wash my hair twice a week or once a month. Both variants are possible but the result of one of them will probably not be that much effective and you will definitely not be satisfied with it. Yes, extended hair deserves your attention, not only in terms of the use of proper and recommended hair cosmetics but also in the treatment of the hair itself. Find out more in the article "Extended Hair Care". It all depends on the original condition of your own hair, whether you have drier hair, untamed broken ends, longer hair, shorter hair etc. Everything requires special care. The special cosmetics mentioned above are very important because the extended hair does not gain any nutritional value from the roots. Therefore, you need to consider before applying the hair extensions whether you are also able to invest in care. Do you want to have your hair extended then? You need to buy hair cosmetics that are sulphate-free, sodium chloride-free, silicone-free and without any other harmful additives. We offer you exclusively the TOP products which have been tested for you for several years on all hair types that we offer. They are perfect and the price and their quality are incomparable. Don't underestimate the maintenance of your new hair investment. Definitely do not buy drugstore products and avoid products that contain the above-mentioned chemical components which, by the way, are mainly used in cleaning products intended for disinfection. What do you think? Do you want to apply this to your head? We certainly don't think so.

A special double-sided or single-sided adhesive tape is used for this purpose.

They don't. If the tapes are applied and removed professionally (after professional training) and the rules are followed exactly, then there is no pulling out of one's own hair.

The hair tapes are removed with a special solution which is used solely for removing the tapes.

They can but it must be taken into account that dyeing will cause further drying of the hair no longer nourished from the roots. That is why we offer a wide range of hair shades which you can also combine to create highlights, etc. Of course, you can cut them without any restrictions.

You should move them up approximately 1,5 - 2 months after application.

If the hair tapes are placed correctly then it will not be visible. However, we place the tapes on the sides only to those clients who do not wear ponytails. In any case, we also offer other methods for these purposes, such as keratin where we fill in the sides with classic mini keratin attachments and nothing can be seen when wearing a ponytail.

Central European hair will last as long as the client takes care of it. We recommend changing the hair after about 8-10 move-ups when it already looks unhealthy, dry etc. But it is of course individual and depends on the client's decision.

Yes, you can buy them directly in our e-shop. We have created special sets of 25 pieces for these purposes but we rather recommend buying a technical package that is better and, of course, more economical.

It is individual and depends on the number of tapes but on average it takes about 1,5 hours.