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NanoTape Hair Extensions Tape In REMY - Ombre - Dark Brown/Golden Honey Blonde #2/24 (Central European)

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NanoTape Tape-In hair extensions applied to Central European hair are in the shade: Ombre - Dark Brown/Golden Honey Blonde #2/24.

Nanotechnology is used for the production of nano tape extensions, thanks to which it is possible to firmly seal nano tapes into a silicone surface. Nanotechnology hair extensions are the most reliable and at the same time the gentlest way of hair extensions.

The package consists of:    

  • 20 pieces of hair bands (width 3 cm, height 0.8 cm)

  • together forming 10 hair bonds  

  • total weight: approximately 20 g (length 40 - 45 cm) or approximately 25 g (length 50 - 60 cm)

  • recommended number of packages for whole extension: 4 pieces

Why choose NanoTape hair extensions?   

  • individual hair bonds are untouchable

  • they are very comfortable to wear, the joint does not press anywhere  

  • Central European hair, from which it is made, is the highest quality hair on the market

  • easy, gentle and fast application (if the application is handled by a professional hair stylist)

  • painless removal process (if applied by professional stylist) 

  • super easy highlighting of shades (just select 2 shades and glue them together)

  • the hair does not get shorter when they are altered (the ends do not have to be cut) - the length remains the same

  • the hair extensions are removed with a special removal solution that is gentle to your hair

  • all shades in the palette are gently colored

  • The lifespan of Central European colored hair is up to 8 applications/alterations   

  • replication is usually after about 1.5 - 2 months

Final effect:  

  • beautiful thick hair, straight from the roots to the ends

  • natural hair - the structure of Central European hair is slightly wavy or straight  

  • the hair is soft, best suited to our hair by structure

NanoTape - GUARANTEE of joint strength without losing a single hair

  • Ultra fine Central European hair

  • 100% manual, precise work

  • Nano technology - strength, flexibility and quality

1., Protective polypropylene fabric 

2., Special acrylic adhesive

3., Polyester fabric

4., Special acrylic adhesive

5., Polyurethane base with hair integration   

6., Strengthening nano net

7., Thermal reaction tape

8., Polyurethane base with hair integration

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