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Ultrasonic Hot Razor

Ultrasonic Hot Razor

A modern tool for the hair stylist of the 21st century. A unique technology that allows you to cut your hair with the help of a thermal effect. The ion generator heals the hair and gives the hair a healthy shine. Attractive design and excel..

$10.08 $31.36

Ultrasonic Hot Razor Blades

Ultrasonic Hot Razor Blades

Replacement ultrasonic hot razor blades for Ultrasonic Hot Razor - hot razor with ionization effect. Package contains 10 pieces.HOT RAZOR is a unique technology that allows you to cut your hair with the help of a thermal effe..

$7.84 $19.04

Hair Color Swatches

Before you have your hair extended, it is good to compare and see the hair shades, and these Hair Color Swatches of Central and Eastern European hair shades is great for that.Note that this Hair Color Swatch is for guidance only. ..


Hot Fusion Glue Gun - Keratin

Hot Fusion Glue Gun - Keratin

We offer a hot fusion glue gun designed for melting keratin rollers. A practical aid in the preparation of hair bonds for hair extensions by any method...

$8.96 $16.80

Hair Clips - Metal



Heat Insulation Sheet Protector - Hair Extensions - Keratin Method

Transparent protective plastic heat insulation sheet protector for the keratin method. 14 cm long. Package contains 2 pieces...


Hot Fusion Protector Disk - Single Hole - Hair Extensions - Keratin Method

Protective plastic hot fusion protector disks designed for the Keratin method. These hot fusion protector disks perfectly protect the hair and scalp from burns. The package contains 10 pieces of hot fusion protector disks...


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Multifunctional Aluminium Threader - Micro Rings

The multifunctional aluminium threader has a very pleasant and modern design. It is a hair extension tool for the Micro Ring and MicroTubes method. It is used to thread a strand on the ring. Available in black or silver...


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